Welcome to iVerio Converter, the simplest software for exporting and converting videos

iVerio is a powerful converter for video like MOD, TOD, MTS, M2TS, MPG, etc.

With high quality output, high conversion speed and simple interface, iVerio offers the best solution for playing, editing, merging and converting videos from any Camcorder JVC, SONY, PANASONIC or CANON with AVCHD or MPEG resolution.

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Save and Organize

Don't loose Date and Time

Date and time you shot your videos must be kept. iVerio will keep them in the copied video file attributes. The copied video files will also be renamed with the original date an time.


Convert before video editing

Export files to Final Cut and iMovie

iVerio will convert your HD video files to H264 Compatible Codec. You won't loose video or audio quality and finally be able to use your AVCHD videos.


Watch on iPhone, iPad and AppleTV

Export videos on Apple devices

Importing your videos directly from your camcorder to your iPhone, iPad or AppleTV has never been so simple.Just select appropriate format and all is done automatically.


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